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What records are available?

COMPLETE Census Records 1841 - 1911

We have census transcripts for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911. They include linked images so the original pages can be viewed. You can also see the transcript of the household and the family.

AWARD WINNING Birth, Marriage and Death Records

Award-winning complete birth, marriage and death records index for England and Wales. Your Family Tree magazine compared all the BMD sites and rated this one as the best value! It was awarded 5 stars in every category - first time/light user, general researcher and heavy user - no other site achieved 5 stars in even one category.

London Parish Records - 1538 to 1875

We transcribe original parish records and produce searchable databases of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials. Where granted permission, we also make the image of the original page available with the transcript.

Non-conformist Records - unique to and

Non-conformist Records cover Methodists, Wesleyans, Baptists, Independents, Protestant Dissenters, Congregationalist, Presbyterians, Unitarians and Quakers (Society of Friends). More will be coming soon. This data proves invaluable for research prior to census and BMD records. The details give images of early birth certificates and registers which include baptisms, marriages and burials.

London Directories from 1677

We have a over 40 London directories available from 1677 up to the late 1900s, including street/trade/post office/court directories. Trade Directories have been produced for well over 300 years and can prove to be an invaluable source of information about local communities. As well as information about individuals, they also provide a wealth of general background information.

The Illustrated London News

This weekly newspaper gives contemporary accounts of the world your ancestors lived in from day to day. They provide insight into opinions of the time and can also provide information on individuals which would not otherwise be recorded. As well as reporting on weekly events, the newspaper contains many announcements of births, marriages, deaths, obituaries, wills and bequests. They are bookmarked by article and are easily searchable.

London Electoral Roll 2005

Over 3 million records - this database gives name, address, postcode, district, as well as other reference codes.

... and much more!

Why choose TheGenealogist?

Ten Reasons to choose

  1. Search MILLIONS of Names

    Get instant access to a large selection of UK Census Transcripts by subscribing to our ever-expanding online database or join our team of volunteer indexers and get a free subscription as well as additional rewards based on your contribution to the project.

  2. Surname Mapping

    Produce a Surname Distribution Map for 1841 to 2002. (Available to our All Inclusive Subscribers or to Birth and Death records). This is a great way to see where you may get the best research leads and how families dispersed.

  3. Smart Search

    Smart Search is a new feature on BMD indexes and utilises an intelligent search system to perform a reverse look-up on events from 1984 onwards. This means that when you have found a marriage you can perform a Reverse Lookup on the partner to find out their full details at the touch of a button. This also works for deaths and births allowing you to cross-reference births from a death certificate.

  4. Updates

    Our online databases are updated regularly — more indexes are now available and more will be soon. Click here for the latest news regarding new and forthcoming online indexes.

  5. Quality

    We scan all our census images in-house and have quality checks that ensure the highest possible quality even if it means scanning the film several times. We scan in greyscale where required and for 1841 we buy the highest quality silver microfilm, unlike our competitors. In independent testing this was found to have 30% more readable pages and improved the readability of all pages.

    This test was carried out by David Tippey of Family History Monthly. You can read the full review and compare the results for yourself HERE.

  6. Accuracy - Local Knowledge Counts

    We care about the quality of our indexes as much as you do, which is why we are the only company to use a team of UK volunteers to create, check and amend the data. We also licence data from UK individuals and societies.

    Many of our existing subscribers have praised the indexes for their accuracy (see Feedback). The volunteer indexers are family historians who have local knowledge of the areas they are indexing and local names. We are the only company using a team of UK volunteers to clean our data.

  7. Customer Support

    Our online Research Guide gives step-by-step advice and answers most questions, and we are always on hand during office hours Monday to Friday to help with anything else.

  8. Experience

    What you also get is my 25 years experience of supporting computer users and genealogists. I have written many articles for Family Tree Magazine and Computers in Genealogy and I am also the author of Computer Aided Genealogy and the Reunion/Generations Newsletters.

    Nigel Bayley FBCS BA CITP
    Managing Director

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    Have a look at some of our customer feedback HERE.

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    Our premium subscriptions offer the best value for money, and start at only £14.95. To find out more about which subscription is right for you, click here.

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